Determining the client's classification grade before submitting their file to the Classification Agency.

Providing recommendations that help the client achieve the best possible classification grade.

The ability to find solutions and alternatives that suit the size of the establishment and the nature of its activity (service, construction, maintenance, or technical) according to the best standards that enable the contractor to obtain the best possible classification certificate.

Long and distinguished experience in assisting contractors in obtaining Service Provider City Certificates.

Why choose us?

We possess a comprehensive team of qualified technical and administrative personnel who are experienced and professional in their work. They are capable of providing consultancy services that meet all the classification requirements in the field of contracting with high efficiency and precision, distinguishing us from our competitors.

  • Honesty, integrity, and dedication in work.
  • Fast and professional completion with precision, thorough document review, and determination of the achievable classification grade.
  • Providing solutions to achieve the highest possible classification grade with minimal cost and effort.