Welcome to Fahed Al-Otaibi Holding Group, where we always strive to provide the finest services in the field of contractor classification. Thanks to years of experience and dedication, we are here to make the impossible possible and to ensure unparalleled service characterized by speed and precision.

About Us

We are a group of professionals distinguished by long experience and extensive knowledge in the field of contractor classification services. We build deep strategic relationships and partnerships that enable us to provide effective and advanced solutions to our clients, with attention to every precise detail to ensure quality and efficiency in everything we do.


At Fahed Al-Otaibi Holding Group, we are committed to providing distinguished consultancy services in the field of contractor classification, with a focus on achieving the highest levels of quality and efficiency. We strive to provide innovative and effective solutions that meet our clients' needs at competitive prices and in record time, while focusing on building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


At Fahed Al-Otaibi Holding Group, we aim to maintain our leading position in the market and enhance our speed and efficiency in service delivery. We uphold the motto "Speed, Precision, and Customer Satisfaction" as fundamental principles guiding all our efforts, and we aspire to make our leadership a distinctive mark in the field of contractor classification services.

Our success at Fahed Al-Otaibi Holding Group stems from our clients' trust, a result of our commitment and the quality of our work. We emphasize training our employees to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring effective and transparent contractor classification services.

Our Motto

These elements combined reflect the commitment of Fahed Al-Otaibi Holding Group to provide high-quality services in the field of contractor classification.

Speed & Accuracy

At Fahed Al-Otaibi Holding Group, we believe in the importance of rapid response and efficiency in task execution. We assure our clients contractor classification services that combine speed in performance with high precision in results, ensuring effectiveness and complete satisfaction.

Development & Innovation

We always strive for development and innovation in our field. We are committed to adopting the latest methods and technologies in contractor classification, and we continuously update our services to efficiently and effectively meet the changes and challenges in the market.


Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. We ensure the provision of contractor classification services with high-quality standards, through meticulous monitoring processes and a specialized team, to always guarantee the best for our clients.

Informed Decision-Making

We believe in the importance of transparency and clarity in all our decisions. We are committed to providing our clients with all necessary information and accurate analyses, enabling them to make decisions based on reliable data and comprehensive information, which in turn increases their confidence in the services we offer.